Past Members of the Group

Name Title Year
Nikolaos Bartsotas Dr, Senior Scientist 2009-2019
Ariadni Gavriil M.Sc. 2019-2021
George Galanis Professor 2010-2020
Christos Spirou Postdoc Researcher 2004-2018
Dr. Efthymios Nicolopoulos Research Associate 2010-2016
Marika Koukoula Research Assistant 2015-2016
Eleni Drakaki Research Assistant 2015-2016
Ioni Kousta Dr. 2005-2016
Thomas Termisien Dr. 2010-2016
Nicolas Barranger Dr. 2010-2016
Marina Astitha Dr. 2004-2013
Stavros Solomos Dr. 2004-2013
Ioannis Athanaselis System Administrator 2009-2013
Alexandros Adam M.Sc. 2012
Nikitas Papantoniou Research Associate 2009
Dr. Panos Athanasiadis Postdoc Researcher 2010-2011
Dr. Christina Mitsakou Postdoc Researcher 2007-2011
Evangelos Tyrlis Research Associate 2008-2009
George Emmanouil Dr. 2004-2009
Nikolaos Hatzopoulos System Administrator 2004-2009
Ilias Mavromatidis Research Associate 1997-2007
Yannis Exidaridis System Administrator 2003-2007
Petros Katsafados Research Associate 2003-2007
Petroula Louka Research Associate 2003-2007
Ermioni Katirtzoglou Research Assistant 2003-2005
Mr . Michael O"Connor Research Associate 1998-2004
Antigoni Voudouri Research Assistant 1997-2005
Flora Gofa Research Assistant 1998-2004
Ioannis Pytharoulis Dr. 2003-2006
Maria Varinou Dr. 1996-2003
Mr. Chris Stavrogiannis Research Associate 2000-2001
Anastasios Papadopoulos Dr. 1996-2001
Olga Kakaliagou Dr. 1996-2001
Dr. Konstantinos Lagouvardos Research Assistant 1994-1998
Dr. Vassiliki Kotroni Research Assistant 1993-1999
Mr. Milan Dacic Research Assistant 1997-2000
Mr. Dusan Jovic Research Assistant 1996-1998
Mr. Sergean Dobricic Research Assistant 1995-1996
Dr. Slobodan Nickovic Research Assistant 1995-1998
Dr. Christodoulos Pilinis Research Associate 1991-1992
Dr. Pavlos Kassomenos Research Assistant 1987-1993


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