Current Members of the Group

Name Title Tel.Number E-mail
George Kallos Professor (+30)2107276835 kallos 'at'
Christina Kalogeri Dr, Senior Scientist (+30)2107276768 chriskal 'at'
Christos Stathopoulos Dr, Senior Scientist (+30)2107276832 chrisstath 'at'
Platon Patlakas Dr, Senior Scientist (+30)2107276768 platon 'at'
Ioannis Chaniotis MSc (+30)2107276835 giannisch 'at'
Dimitrios Diamantis System Administrator (+30)2107276951 jimdiamantis 'at'
Konstantinos Kornilakis IT Support (+30)2107276951 kkornilakis 'at'


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