Research Activities

The group has been active in several fields of Atmospheric Science . Most of its activities
are related to:

  • Saharan Dust Transport

    A version of the SKIRON system is able to describe/forecast the dust cycle (uptake - transport - deposition). This development has taken place at the framework of the MEDUSE and SKIRON projects. The SKIRON/Dust system was the first model developed with the dust prediction capability.

  • Marine Applications

    The AM&WFG participated in a number of projects concerning marine applications such as MFS, MFSTEP, ENVIWAVE, POWWOW, POSEIDON I and II, NHREAS, MARINA PLATFORM, etc. The studies include air-sea interaction processes , atmospheric deposition , forecasting operations , Sea State and Wave Prediction . Also Support of Maritime Salvage operations and Analysis of past events .

  • Atmospheric Composition

    The Atmospheric Modeling Group has extensive experience in air pollution studies. During the last years the group has undertaken several research activities on this subject. These activities are related to:

    • Data analysis
    • Synoptic analysis and classification
    • Long range transport of air pollutants
    • Urban air quality
    • Photochemical pollution
    • Aerosol-Cloud-Radiation-Precipitation interactions
    • Development and simulation of mercury physicochemical processes using the RAMS and SKIRON/Dust atmospheric modelling systems

    This research was based on simulations, performed with the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS/ICLAMS), the Hybrid Particle and Concentration Transport Model (HYPACT), the MDMS and CAMx models. The scientific team is also involved in several consulting activities related to air pollution, mainly involving environmental impact analysis, siting of new factories, etc.

  • Regional-Mesoscale Phenomena

    The Group has involved in several studies related to Regional and Mesoscale Phenomena such as sea-land breezes, convective and frontal activities etc.

  • Severe Weather Phenomena-Natural Hazards

    The Atmospheric Modeling Group has undertaken several research activities on Extreme Weather Phenomena and associated Natural Hazards. This research is focusing on model simulations performed with the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS/ICLAMS) and the SKIRON/DUST model. The scientific team is also involved in forensic activities related to damage from extreme weather events.

  • Weather Forecasting

    120-240 hour weather forecasting is provided daily from the AM&WFG for educational and general use purposes as well as for a number of dedicated customers. The SKIRON forecasting system is running daily at the premises of the group. In addition, satellite images and surface observations are provided.

  • Frost Studies

    Optimum utilization of frost protection methods. The studies are related to both field experiments and atmospheric modeling.

  • Wind and Solar Energy - Energy Management

    The group has several activities related to wind and energy applications. These activities are focusing on the site selection for wind parks and siting of wind generators (over land and offshore). The methodology followed is the field measurements and very high 3-dimensional atmospheric modeling (grid resolution of a few tens of meters). Support of wind farm operators as well as TSOs is provided on daily base by providing the requested forecasts


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