Subgrid Scale Investigations of Factors Determining the Occurrence of Ozone and Fine Particles

Project Reference: EKV2-1999-00052
Start Date: Feb 01 2000
End Date: Jan 31 2003
Duration: 36 months


Partially funded by the Commission of the European Communities
Directorate-General DGXII - 5th Framework Programme

  • Methodology
  • Initial Findings
  • References

The goal of the SUB-AERO is to better understand the formation, accumulation, fate and effects of ozone, other photochemical oxidants and fine particulate matter on the subgrid ("local") scale in the Mediterranean area.

The project has been broken out into the following tasks:

  1. Field Measurements - an intensive measurement program during both winter and summer periods in 2 selected areas in the Mediterranean region.
  2. Analysis of Field Measurements - construction of a database from the data gathered during the measurement campaign followed by extensive statistical analysis.
  3. Mesoscale Modelling - application of regional/mesoscale atmospheric models (MM5 or RAMS) in combination with the UAM-AERO air pollution model including new modules for aerosol dynamics for a detailed Source Apportionment study.
  4. Subgrid Modelling - coupled Large-Eddy-Simulation (LES) approach with Physical and Chemical transformation models. Development of a comprehensive model for photochemically reactive plumes.

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