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V Framework Program
Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

Responsible IASA

The computational domain of Aladin model and the associated orography. The two color frames encompass the dissemination domains of CHMI.

Main aims of WP10

  • Deliver the necessary atmospheric surface fields to the WP8 and WP9 ocean modelling community.
  • Study the atmospheric response to sea state conditions and especially to SST spatio-temporal variability in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Explore the role of the sea surface fluxes in the formation and evolution of characteristic weather regimes.
  • Examine the potential benefits of highly resolved non-hydrostatic atmospheric flows in regional/shelf ocean modelling.
  • Define the experimental strategy for the Scientific Validation Period (SVP) inter-comparison exercise.
  • Validate the various model results produced during the SVP-WP10 and other related hindcasting operations against observations from various sources.

The computational model domain of SKIRON modelling system. The red frame encompasses the dissemination domain of IASA in the framework of MFSTEP project.

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