(Master DEgree on POllution, DIspersion Modelling)

Joint European Programme TEMPUS

n 31062-2003

List of participants:

No Organisation name Country
1 Ecole Centrale de Nantes (co-ordinator) FR
2 National & KapodistrianUniversity of Athens-Atmospheric Modelling & Weather Forecasting Group GR
3 The Universite des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran DZ
4 The Ecole Normale Superieure d'Enseignement Technique of Oran DZ
5 AIAS Research Ltd, Thessaloniki GR

Project summary

The main aim of this project is to set up a Master Degree that will focus on Air Pollutant Dispersion Modelling. Numerical models are an indispensable tool for investigating the air pollution transport and diffusion within urban atmospheres over industrial sites or at a regional scale. This Master Degree will include:

  • Improving teaching abilities of the staff members.
  • Creating a computing centre and teaching materials.
  • Training Master Degree researchers.

It is expected that after the end of the proposed JEP project a centre of excellence for Environmental sustainability training and research centre will be established and will provide consulting and services to industry and regulatory bodies. The academic staff trained and the international co-operation network that will be created will be the background to create a specialized and very high level teaching team in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, USTO and ENSET. Technical and human infrastructure set up by the present JEP will be used to open successive Master degrees after the end of the project. The methodology that is proposed to follow for the development of the Master Degree will be based on

  • The identification of the air pollution problems in the area of interest, in this case the Mediterranean Region and the Algerian urban areas, their underlying causes and the parameters that affect them.
  • Study and coding of mathematical methods and air quality models that are used in order to parameterise simulate and analyse the aforementioned issue.
  • The training of staff members on the use of the available numerical models.
  • The identification of the needs in input data, computing machines and power for running these models.
  • The training of the potential specialists on the use of the numerical models.

Three years are required for the set-up and running of the Master degree. Normally, an Algerian Master degree is prepared in two years (the first year comprises the theoretical study and the second year the accomplishment of Master thesis). Since the subject of the present JEP is new for the partner country institutions, one extra preparation year is needed.

U UOA/AM&WFG contribution

UoA/AM&WFG will participate in:
(i) Contribution to defining the training programme
(ii) Contribution on defining the MADEPODIM library contents
(iii) Preparation of lecture notes and presentations of 4 teaching courses of the Master Degree:

  • Regional meteorology and Modelling
  • Water cycle modelling
  • Introduction to atmospheric particle pollution
  • Photochemical pollution and modelling

(iv) Training the Algerian staff
(v) Seminars at the University of Oran
(vi) Preparing research projects for 3 Algerian Master students
(vii) Training 3 Algerian Master students for their Master projects


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