Expected Impacts


By addressing the Mediterranean open sea, a region characterised by a lack of data, ADIOS will provide a quantification of the respective effects of natural and anthropogenic inputs to the basin, a better understanding of the different transfer routes and fate of matter, including potentially harmful anthropogenic substances, as well as a first assessment of their ecotoxicological impact on this sensitive marine environment. Levels of pollutants and nutrients, examined in light of ecological processes taking place in the open environment, are expected to provide a new insight into the functioning and the health of the Mediterranean ecosystem. These outputs will be included into modelling efforts that will help to evaluate natural and man-induced effects and permit examination of their potential evolution under diverse scenarios.

Data sets, model outputs and protocols will provide a sound landmark and an improved predictive capability on which future assessments can be based. The expected scientific data and validation tools will be of immediate use to the various bodies concerned by the identification and mitigation of environmental pollution of marine zones (e.g. EC Environment Policy Department, European Environment Agency, UNEP/MAP).

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